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Design & Consultation

Beach Time Landscaping specializes in designing outdoor spaces for the unique coastal environment of the Long Beach Peninsula and we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the special outdoor spaces surrounding your home! We can assist you with a Design Only Plan, or a Do-It-Yourself Plan, or a give you an estimate for a Full-Service Plan.


Design Only Plan

Landscaping can be more complicated than most people realize.
Hiring a professional who knows how to create the perfect landscaping for the local area and your yard specifically can help save you money and time.
Once you have a Beach Time Landscaping Design Only Plan you have lots of options! You're free to stage your landscaping project over a period of time if you wish, build it yourself or, if you're selling and want to give a prospective buyer a plan to help them envision the landscaping before the sale, you'll have it covered!
Our Design Only process is simple.
You decide how many square feet you want to receive a design package for, we meet with you to go over the details and you receive a plan in 3-4 weeks!


Do-It-Yourself Design Plan

For a DIY project such as a patio or garden bed, let us assist!
We meet with you on-site, you tell us your vision and goals.
We make note of your site's unique specifics; everything from the microclimate to soil conditions and utilities underground.
We provide you with a plan for your project start to finish.
A planting plan for a garden; a scaled layout and design for a patio; instructions for installation, materials sourcing and more - are all part of this service.
In the course of your project build, if you would like help, our crew is only a phone call away and available at our standard hourly rate.


Full-Service Plan

Our Full-Service Plan channels every dollar of your landscaping budget into the labor and materials needed to make your landscaping dreams a reality.
Call our office to make an appointment with our estimatator to meet with you on site.
During that meeting you tell us what you'd like a written estimate for and in 2 weeks we'll give you a free materials and labor estimate for what your project costs will likely be.
Once we begin the project we do any necessary design work on site, order all materials, and get busy!
You get billed at time and materials only.

Make your landscaping dreams a reality!
Tell us about your project today.

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