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At Beach Time Landscaping we have been pruning hedges and trees expertly for our clients on the Long Beach Peninsula for years!

Hedges like Laurel and Escallonia really benefit from twice trimming a year to keep their growth compact.

Some conifer hedges like Leylandii Cypress and Thuja may even need three clippings a year to avoid trimming into old wood and keep them at their best.

We can also trim up Rhododenrons so they stop spreading across your open spaces, and it's nice to show off their legs!

Proper pruning will influence flowering and fruiting, prevent injury to people and property, open up a vista, and can rejuvinate old shrubs.

It is possible to create many unusual plant forms such as bonsai, topiary, espalier, and pollarding through pruning also.

Let our experts keep your hedges and trees looking their best year after year!

 Call Beach Time Landscaping for pruning and trimming at your property today!

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