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Full Service Landscaping Maintenance

Beach Time Landscaping is the best choice to help maintain your existing landscaping.

From our residential clients to our HOA clients and commercial businesses, you can count on us to keep your landscaping looking its best by doing whatever is needed to keep things looking uniform and clean.

The basic service we provide is regular mowing and string trimming to keep your lawns at the perfect height, promoting healthier grass growth. It’s easy to add many services beyond our basic mow/trim service.

In your garden beds we can trim and prune perennials, remove dead annuals, remove fallen leaves moss, and weeds, and plant new perennials and annuals for yearly seasonal color.

We can add bark or river rock to garden beds to minimize weed growth and soil erosion.

We can add borders to garden beds, provide storm clean-ups and bi-annual beach trail maintenance, perform whole property spring and fall clean-ups, overseed bare spots in your lawn, fertilize, correct soil PH, and prune trees and shrubs.

We can even help remove mold and moss with pressure washing, and can facilitate drainage solutions by cleaning gutters, redirecting downspouts, and installing French drains and catch basins. 

Dealing with an invasion of blackberry, gorse or scotch broom? 

No Worries! We will remove it!

Beach Time Landscaping can help!
Call us for a maintenance estimate today.

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