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Hydroseed or Sod Installation

The beauty of an open area of green space and the wonderful smell of a freshly mowed lawn are a source of comfort to many homeowners!  Beach Time Landscaping performs careful sitework to prepare for your new lawn, be it hydroseed or sod. We clear away all wood debris and stones, remove any old lawn and treat for visible weeds and vegetation in advance. Low spots are filled, and correct grades are established. We carefully source the sod we install making sure it originates from the region’s best soils for sod production, grown from the highest quality seed blend of three species types. These grass species are developed to adapt to a variety of maintenance practices for the unique growing conditions of our peninsula. 

Count on Beach Time Landscaping to expertly install sod or hydroseed to your outdoor living spaces!

Instant Lawn! You know you want it!
Tell us about your project today.

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